DB-6692 solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesive instructions


DB—6692A/B type solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesive, suitable for ordinary plastic plastic, plastic plastic 121 ℃ cooking, aluminized film and aluminum foil inner structure composite, with better peel strength, good Transparency.

One. Performance characteristics
1. This product has medium viscosity and good economy in use.
2. It has good wetting performance to the substrate and excellent coating processing performance.
3. The composite film has good transparency.
4. This product has little effect on the friction coefficient of composite products.

Two. Product index

Product name DB-6692A main agent DB-6692B curing agent
Exterior     Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Light yellow or yellow liquid
Solid content (%) 100 100
Viscosity (mpa.s.25℃) 2000-3000 2000-3000
Density/25℃ 1.13g/cm3 1.14g/cm3
Mix ratio 100份(weight) 75份(weight)

Three, recommended process
System: solvent-free two-component adhesive
Coating weight: dry weight 1.3-2.5g/m2
Coating temperature: 40-45℃
Coating liquid viscosity: 800-1200mpa.s/40-45℃

Four, matters needing attention
1. Composite substrates such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE and other films require surface treatment. The surface tension of BOPP, CPP, PE must be above 38 dyne, and BOPET and BOPA must be above 52 dyne. In principle, BOPET and BOPA with non-double-sided processing cannot be laminated on both sides, otherwise the peel strength of the non-corona surface cannot be guaranteed.
2. The content of additives in the film, especially slip agents, directly affects the bonding strength of the composite film. It must be strictly controlled, especially when the polyethylene film is thick. Therefore, the film must be selected and selected before use. test. So as not to cause unnecessary losses.
3. Because the ink molecular structure is complex and diverse, please make a sample to confirm the compatibility of the adhesive and ink before using the machine.
4. Solvents containing hydroxyl groups (such as ethanol) will affect the curing of the adhesive. Please make sure that the solvent on the equipment evaporates clean before using the machine. The rubber roller is cleaned with ethanol, and the metal roller is cleaned with ethyl acetate or methyl ethyl ketone.
5. If there are quality problems or abnormal phenomena during the glue use, stop using it immediately, keep the unopened glue, and notify our company as soon as possible so that we can send a technician to deal with it.
6. The technical opinions provided in this manual are from sincerity and are for reference only. Since each user's equipment, process and raw materials are not controlled by our factory, the user is also responsible for experimenting with the products provided by our factory to verify whether it is suitable for the proposed process and purpose.
7. Due to the continuous advancement of technology, the company has the right to modify this manual. When the manual is changed, we will not notify you separately. When you use the manual, please confirm the latest version. If there is any ambiguity, please contact us in time.

Five, curing time
Composite film, aluminum foil and other materials must be stored in an environment not lower than 20℃, and can be divided and rewinded 24 hours after composite, and must be cured for more than 7 days before being used for food packaging.

Six, packaging and storage
Component A (main ingredient): 20 kg/barrel
Component B (curing agent): 15 kg/barrel.
This product should be stored in a cool and dry place. The storage period of the main agent is 6 months, and the storage period of the curing agent is 12 months. After opening the package, it should be used up as soon as possible and no longer stored.

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